Licensed Engineer Goes Viral after Applying as Construction Helper

A licensed engineer recently went viral after applying as a construction helper, possibly due to the lack of job opportunities in his profession in their area. He would soon be swamped with job offers after his story went viral.

Licensed Engineer Applies as Construction Helper

In the hierarchy at any construction site, the helper is usually at the bottom while the engineer is at the top.

But a young licensed engineer didn’t mind starting at the very bottom just so he can have a job. His story went viral and he would receive much-needed help from kind-hearted people.

It all started when Jensen Sunga posted about the young engineer, Engr. Virgilio Milla Reyes Jr., who applied as helper at their construction company in Pampanga.

Not only is Reyes a licensed engineer but he also holds a license as a master electrician.

licensed engineer
Photo credit: Jensen Sunga

Upon hearing the young man’s story, Sunga posted his photo along with his PRC IDs (as proof that he really is a registered engineer and master electrician) on Facebook.

Sunga explained that the young engineer is from Bicol but went to Pampanga to find a job. Reyes hopes to find a job in Pampanga, and possibly use it a stepping stone to work in Manila. However, he’s unable to go to Manila because he doesn’t know his way around.

Instead of possibly getting lost in the big city, he tried his luck in Pampanga.

Pa apply naman po siya sa mga kakilala ninyo na Construction company na need ng Licensed Electrical Engineer/Master Electrician,” Sunga posted.

Baka need nyo ng Engineer mga boss. Para sa Future niyaaa.”

licensed engineer
Photo credit: Jensen Sunga

Sunga also added:

“Ps:  nawalan ako ng karapatan mag reklamo sa trabaho dahil sa ginawa ng batang ito.

Engineer to Helper”

Some people doubted the authenticity of the post, saying that the two must be friends and Sunga just wants this to go viral so Reyes can have a job. But Sunga said that he doesn’t know Reyes at all.

He only shared the story because he was impressed by the young man’s determination.

In a follow-up post, Sunga shared that Reyes received many job offers (as engineer) after his post went viral.

Job of Helper at Construction Site

The helper at a construction site can have different jobs, depending on the person that he’s supposed to help.

Construction helpers often do manual lifting, such as carrying sacks of cement, sand, or stones/rocks. Often, they also have to do more manual tasks that the higher ranking construction workers.

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