Average Student Becomes Top 1 in June 2022 Architect Licensure Examination

She thinks of herself as an average student – and amazed everyone, including herself, as she tops the June 2022 Architect Licensure Examination! So, how did she manage to achieve this incredible feat?

Average Student Tops Architect Licensure Examination

While board exam topnotchers are often those who are known for being achievers or consistent honor students back in their student days, there are also a number of surprising finishers who managed to land in the top 10 despite being ‘average students’ who didn’t graduate with flying colors or experience being in the honor roll while studying.

Take for example Marianne Kaye Ledesma Ofianga, a graduate of Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) in La Paz, Iloilo City, who considers herself as an average student.

So, when her mother excitedly screamed, “Kaye, top 1 ka, top 1 ka!” after learning about the good news from Kaye’s boyfriend, Jericho, (Kaye’s phone can’t be reached at the time), she had the most hilarious reply, “Top 1 sa ano?” LOL

architecture exam topnotcher
Photo credit: Marianne Kaye Ofianga

Kaye had taken the exams on June 17 and 19, and knew that the results will be out in 3-4 days. However, she tried her best to distract herself from the exam results because she was having anxiety attacks.

That’s why she spent her days binge-watching shows on Netflix. The distraction, plus the fact that she hadn’t really expected to top the test, were reasons why she didn’t easily understand what her mother was talking about.

I’m just an average person, with average capacity, and definitely not aiming for that ‘topnotcher’ title,” the 24-year-old new architect shared.

I just want to pass the board exam and all I ever did was to give my best every single day.

Review Strategy for the Board Exams

One of her strategies to pass the board exams is to post her notes and lessons all over the walls of her study area. She even had some notes posted on the bathroom walls!

architecture exam topnotcher
Photo credit: Marianne Kaye Ofianga

She also avoided distractions by staying away from social media.

She focused on her studies, and even pulled some all-nighters from time to time, just to make sure she covers everything.

Her hard work and sacrifices paid off.

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