“Tricked” by Classmate into the Course, Woman Now a Licensed Architect

Despite being “tricked” by her classmate into taking the course, a woman is now a licensed architect. Her story has gone viral, with many netizens feeling inspired by what she was able to achieve despite the situation.

Woman Becomes Licensed Architect Despite Not Liking Course

There are dozens of different courses offered by different colleges and universities. So, it isn’t surprising that many high school or senior high students get confused over what they will take when the time comes.

Many receive guidance from their parents, while others find influence in their friends.

The latter happened to Mary Grace dela Cruz from Roxas, Isabela.

She recently passed the January 2023 Licensure Examination for Architects, yet her story is about how she didn’t really like the course and was only “tricked” by a classmate to pick it.

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The second of three siblings, dela Cruz’s elder sibling wasn’t able to finish college while her younger sibling took up BS Criminology.

Their other relatives have medical-related courses and there’s one who took an engineering course, but none are architects.

She revealed that she didn’t want to become an architect, and had no idea about the course except for one subject (Drafting) in high school.

Because she loves computers, she wanted to take Computer Science. She also thought of taking Mass Communication because she had been active in her high school’s publication and even joined radio broadcasting.

Her dad also wanted her to become a teacher.

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According to PEP, she narrated that while she and her classmates were talking, she couldn’t even give an answer to what course she’ll take because she was still undecided.

One of her classmates suggested that they both take architecture because they were good at drawing. Somehow, this classmate managed to convince her, describing the course as a mix of fine arts and engineering.

She enrolled for the course at Isabela State University last June 21, 2019 – only to discover that the classmate who convinced her to take the course actually took up BS Pharmacy in Baguio City.

Stuck with a course she didn’t like, she decided to just continue.

College life was difficult. She failed in a Math subject and only had barely passing grades, yet she managed to graduate on time.

Despite all the challenges she faced in school, she managed to also pass the board exams.

Now a licensed architect, she thanks her parents, her late Lola Corazon who supported her until graduation, and her siblings.

Photo credit: PEP

She also thanked her boyfriend for supporting her, and even becoming her listening ear during the times when she can’t tell her parents about her struggles. He even helped wash her clothes and refused to engage in arguments while she was reviewing, knowing she’ll be sad and won’t study if they fight. Awwww.

Top Reasons to Take Architecture

  • You have basic knowledge of drawing
  • You love to create designs
  • You’re looking for some challenge
  • You’re both artistic and analytical
  • You want to design beautiful buildings and other interesting infrastructures
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