Attendance Sheet of Architecture Students Goes Viral for Impressive Penmanships

The attendance sheet of architecture students recently went viral for the impressive penmanships of everyone who wrote there. It led to some netizens commenting that the sheet looks like a computer application’s font generator. LOL.

Attendance Sheet Jokingly Dubbed as Font Generator

How good (or bad) is your penmanship? Many of us really have a bad one – mine is so bad, in fact, that sometimes I can’t even understand what I wrote.

But some people are quite lucky to have a good one – and they’re usually the talented people and artists who know how to draw. Just like this group of architecture students whose penmanships amazed netizens.

Someone named Wesley shared the photos on social media, captioning the image as “POV: attendance sheet (of) arki students.”

As you can see in the photo that Wesley shared, this attendance sheet was taken last November 10, 2022. However, Wesley had the brilliant idea of sharing it on social media, knowing full well that many people will be amazed by the penmanship of everyone who wrote on the sheet.

attendance sheet
Photo credit: Wesley / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

He added that this kind of attendance sheet is typical of their block, but he just thought about taking a photo and sharing it on social media.

Just as Wesley expected, the photo went viral. The young student admitted that he felt happy seeing that many architecture students can relate with their block’s attendance sheet.

Many netizens were really amazed at how good these students’ penmanships are. Some joked that this could be a font generator and asked how they can download the “hard copy” for these fonts.

One netizen joked that if this were their attendance sheet, it would surely be difficult to determine which sections had the handwriting and which ones had the signatures. LOL

How to Have Good Penmanship

It really takes a lot of practice with the correct guide to get a good penmanship. That’s the reason why it’s important to let kids practice writing so they can develop good, legible penmanship.

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