Lucky Calculator with 10/10 Winning Streak, Used by 1 Architect and 9 Engineers

A lucky calculator recently made headlines after someone shared that it now has a winning streak of 10/10 and has “produced” one architect and nine engineers! Wow.

Do you think they’d let us borrow it? LOL

Lucky Calculator “Produces” 1 Architect and 9 Engineers

Sometimes, board exam takers turn to lucky charms to help them find the courage and strength to take the difficult tests, knowing that the charm might work in some or another.

And it seems like the charm has worked with one lucky calculator who reportedly produced 1 architect and 9 engineers.

The calculator’s original owner was Jioser Laureles, a registered mechanical engineer. He passed board exams in August 2018 using this calculator.

lucky calculator
Photo credit: EngineerProf PH

He explained that the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) restricts exam takers to using a specific calculator model (because some advanced models are capable of advanced calculations).

Because calculators can be quite expensive, he lent his “allowed model” to immediate friends taking the board exams.

It would soon spark a tradition that saw the calculator being passed from one aspiring engineer to another.

Once the board exam has been set, (the calculator becomes) their possession,” Laureles said.

Sometimes the calculator is passed on from one examiner to the next, no longer returning to the original owner.””

But Laureles doesn’t appear to mind that his old calculator has been passed around because it’s helping out so many aspiring professionals to pass their respective board exams.

lucky calculator
Photo credit: EngineerProf PH

While the latest passer made it through the recent Architecture Licensure Exam, the most meaningful owner is said to be Daniel John Nadal, its ninth user who held on to the lucky charm the longest time.

He passed the electrical and communications engineering licensure exam in 2021, and had held on to the calculator throughout the pandemic.

Who Used this Lucky Calculator?

The 10/10 winning streak:

  • Jioser Laureles (ME Board Exam Aug. 2018)
  • Angelika Macaraeg (EE Board Exam Sept. 2018)
  • Jeron Albaño (ECE Board Exam Oct. 2018)
  • Wilross Angelico Papaya (CE Board Exam Nov. 2018)
  • Diana Jane Plofino (ChE Board Exam Nov. 2018)
  • Paul Miraflor (ME Board Exam Feb. 2019)
  • Lydle Azer Benosa (RMP Board Exam July 2019)
  • Ken Paolo Salcedo (CE Board Exam Nov. 2019)
  • Daniel John Nadal (ECE Board Exam Oct. 2021)
  • Kate P. Sarmiento (Architect Board Exam June 2022)
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