This Hardiflex House Design Cost Only P50k!

When building a house, the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is how expensive it will cost them. In fact, some people skip the most important thing when building a house, which is to hire an architect just to save money. The quest for affordable homes is partly the reason why Hardiflex design houses are now prevalent in the Philippines.

5-digit houses

It is common to spend over 6 digits or sometimes even 7 or more when building your house. But it is important to note that there are underlying factors that greatly affect the overall cost. An example is the municipality or city your house will be built and the going rate for labor and materials in that area.

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We just posted a Hardiflex house that cost the owner P70k all-in, check it out here. This house in this article managed to do a similar house spending only P50k. That’s including all labor and materials already.

Full Hardiflex walls

This house is owned by Lynn Quino Yacapin and is located in Zamboanga city. Looking at the structure of her house, it can be seen that the walls are purely made from Hardiflex. Unlike the common method which integrates half CHB (concrete hollow blocks) and half Hardiflex.

The house is 12ft. by 12ft with an outside kitchen. The house provision is for one-bedroom only, dining area, living area, and toilet. The main door is in front of the house with the kitchen door at the side of the house.

Separate kitchen

The kitchen of the house is at the back and is not included in the 12ft. x 12 ft. floor area. The kitchen’s wall is made up of Amakan and Hardiflex for its framing.

The exterior of the house is a simple white concrete finish and concrete floor and foundation with an asymmetrical skillion roof. This Hardiflex house design idea is surely worth checking out for those looking for a simple home.

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