This Family Built Their House With Only P20k Expense

Celebrities and Youtubers posting their huge and luxurious houses as house tour videos are getting popular. Name a celebrity with a YouTube channel, there’s a big chance he or she has a house tour video. With these, the staple for expensive house costs is also becoming prevalent. That’s why more people are opting out of simple houses.

Simple houses

Today, having a simple house is still going to cost a lot because of a lot of factors. One of these factors is the increasing cost of materials and labor, not to mention you have to hire an architect to make sure your house design is livable and designed with function and aesthetics.


With this, your P20,000 can only buy you a few materials or a few days of labor. But this Filipino family managed to build a whole simple house with just that! Even I didn’t believe it at first, but this YouTuber explained it.

Hardiflex house

Erick Lanado posted the house of Aldous Mariquit and his family. The house consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, living, dining, and kitchen areas. The house is situated in Placer, Masbate, Philippines.


The reason why the house cost them only P20k is because that is for the Hardiflex materials only. They did not pay any labor because they were the ones who constructed and built them themselves.

Other materials

The other wood and materials that they used for the house are theirs already. The lot they built on is theirs too, they built the house in their backyard. A vast lot of areas like this are common in the provinces of the Philippines.


It is also a custom for families there to have a huge lot and just have small houses built on their yard for their children and their families.

Province living

There are also people who opt out of city living and prefer living in a nice and quiet provincial set up for them and their families. It means lesser hustle and bustle for them and a more peaceful environment.

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