Hardiflex House Design: P70k All-In Simple House In Kidapawan

The main purpose of having a house is to make sure that you have a roof above your head and you have a sanctuary to go home to at the end of the day. With that said, it just goes to show that the amount of money spent on building the house is not as important as the purpose behind it. This is why Hardiflex house designs are being turned to nowadays.

Affordable trend

People are looking for ways to have their house done in the most affordable price range that they can find. Lately, especially in the province, hardiflex houses are being favored. Not only because it is cheaper than traditional materials, but it is also faster to construct and more flexible than pure cement houses. We still remind you to hire the right professionals if you want to build your house, though.

Simple 320 square feet house

A house in Kidapawan was featured by the YouTube channel Housing TV. It is owned by She Grace Sryl. According to her, they only spent P70,000 for the overall cost of constructing their house. This is significantly cheaper than the normal costs of building a house.

YouTube screenshot

Their house is half concrete and half Hardiflex. It has one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and toilet & bath. The design of the house is a simple rectangle with a one-slope roof. Concrete was used for the foundation and the lower exterior walls of the house, while the upper parts of the wall and the partitions inside are made of Hardiflex.

Simpler, Cooler, more affordable

Simple houses like this often do not reach above P100,000. Labor and materials are already included. These are in fact an upgrade from the usual Bahay Kubo that people in the province have. This is sturdier but still affordable.

Hardiflex house designs are often used in the province where the air is more pleasant. It makes use of natural ventilation and it won’t usually work in the city because of pollution.

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