House Tour Videos of Joel Cruz’s Mansion in Baguio City: White House of the Lord of Scents

Have you heard of the mansion owned by Joel Cruz in Baguio City? It faced controversy when it was built, yet the structure itself amazes netizens because of its grandeur.

An Architect’s House Tour Videos

The four-story mansion was designed by CJHDevCo’s resident architect Ruben Payumo.

Cruz said that he didn’t really think about how the house would look but let the architect decide on what to do, saying that he wanted a “modern log home.”

Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

The house that architect Payumo designed was quite impressive! It’s nestled in Camp John Hay and amazed netizens.

Here’s the first house tour video created by Pinoy Architect:

He describes the house as an eclectic mix of modern, rustic, country, and industrial styles.

The house itself is huge, with a garage that has a capacity to fit 10 cars! There are lots of impressive features in the house.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Because the house was built by earnings from Cruz’s empire, Aficionado, the reception area of the house (yes, there’s one!) also has an array of scents that visitors can try. Some netizens who’ve been to the house claimed that you only need to buy some of the perfumes to get a tour of the house. How cool is that?

Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Inside, there are so many grand halls, a huge chandelier, lots of dining spaces, and plenty of living rooms and common spaces. There’s also a swimming pool and cinema inside this mansion.

Watch the second house tour here:

There’s also a music room. The master’s suite is, as expected, a huge place that’s almost a house itself.

Cruz said that he didn’t just build this house for himself but was actually a family home. His siblings had supposedly also chipped in to help build it.

Joel Cruz’s Controversial Mansion

While many were impressed with the grand mansion, it was met with anger by the locals who thought it was too gaudy for the woodsy theme of Camp John Hay.

It would have been more appreciated in another location, but some of the locals are saying this house is an eyesore because it’s too modern. The area is best suited for a log cabin.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria

In response, Cruz said he’s sad about the accusations but he shouldn’t be blamed for the mansion’s design. After all, he told the architect he wanted a modern log cabin – perhaps the architect should be the one to be blamed?

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