Slater Young Shares Impressive Futuristic, Terraces-Inspired Real Estate Project

Everyone is in awe after 2012 PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Big Winner Slater Young, who happens to be an engineer, shared a video of an impressive futuristic, terraces-inspired real estate project.

Called The Rise at Monterrazas de Cebu, the project is inspired by the Banaue Rice Terraces, a Pinoy heritage, but also with plenty of modern features.

Skypod 3.0 – The Rise at Monterrazas de Cebu

Slater’s home is known as the ‘Skypod,’ so, the title ‘Skypod 3.0’ is actually paying homage to that. He’s also responsible for another development, called Skypod 2.0, that’s now sold out.

Photo credit: Slater Young

Marketed as a real estate product with the designs of a home, including outdoor spaces (some even have a private swimming pool), but with the advantages of condominium living, it’s easy to see why Slater appears truly excited when unveiling everything in the video.

The engineer explained that they tried so many concepts before finally coming up with this design.

At first, the designs were similar to typical high-rise condo buildings, until they decided to adapt it to the mountain’s terrain.

It created a unique and breathtaking structure that he says is also sturdier, safer, and more environmentally friendly than the first designs.

Photo credit: Slater Young
Photo credit: Slater Young
Photo credit: Slater Young

This kind of design also provided each home more outdoor space, with the roof of the structures below becoming the outdoor spaces of the ones above them.

What’s amazing is that all the units face the east and have beautiful views of the city.

This project only has 146 units.

Photo credit: Slater Young

Slater added that they will build a mall across from The Rise, creating a township within the development.

From the mall, it’s clear that the homes will become a beautiful view. It appears that this real estate development is also set to become a tourist spot in the area.

The units are also designed to have natural greenery that are maintained with a drip-style irrigation system so that the homeowners wouldn’t need to water the plants.

Photo credit: Slater Young

Also, these green spots actually provide privacy for units below.

As a futuristic development, all parking spots are also provided provisions for electric charging.

This place also has a private clubhouse with an infinity pool, function hall, gym, saunas, locker rooms, etc.

And the most amazing thing is that the elevator here is actually on a slanting track, though Slater said that the users won’t notice a significant difference from traditional elevators.

Photo credit: Slater Young
Photo credit: Slater Young

The best unit of all is called the panorama mansion located at the top of the development, which comes with its own massive pool, outdoor areas, and plenty of car parking spaces.

Watch this video and be amazed:

What’s a Skypod?

A skypod is an open-style glass house, creating the illusion of being as close to living in nature as possible but with all the comforts of a modern home.

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