Prepare To Be In Awe At This Class and Modern Asian Industrial Home of Fitnesscape Creative

With the rise of house tour vlogs in the Philippines, more and more architects and designers are using YouTube to showcase their best work. With the prevalence of the design videos going around YouTube, the obvious battle is on the Youtube cover photo and the design’s aesthetics.

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This is where Fitnesscape Creative comes in. Not only do they showcase elegant and physically appealing house designs, but they do so with careful consideration of the surrounding. Their elegant green architecture is possibly the reason why they took the internet by storm with just one vlog.

House Tour Extravagant

Fitnesscape Creative Studio’s channel was first launched two years ago. However, only one video that was posted and it was only over a minute long. Months after, three weeks ago to be exact, the first-ever vlog of their house tour was posted and it already has more than 100k views.


I guess it’s safe to say that they did capture the masses’ hearts with their awe-inspiring house tour. A lot of people in the comments section are saying that their vlog, and I agree, is very relaxing. Not to mention the whole house design which you know is planned by an architect, for architects.

Why Fitnesscape

The house tour began with Architect Paul Pena and his sister Carla Pena (who by the way, edited and produced the video) by a slideshow of the parts of the house with chill vibes and amazing movie-like editing.


Then the two siblings proceeded in explaining what they do. They shared that their company is often mistaken for a gym because of its name. But it really came from Architect Paul’s thesis when he was studying Architecture at UST (University of Santo Tomas).


According to him, he wanted to show that architecture can affect the lives of the users. The company’s forte is to design high-end residential houses which you can see (and appreciate if I may add) on their Instagram. They wanted to show that a house can give its users that feeling that they are not in the city.

Now on to the tour

What better way to showcase their work, than to show their house, right? They started in the living area, where space is an open and inviting area. Carla gave a tip that if a house has high ceilings, the elements or furniture you place in that area should also be high. Like their high-back chair, lamp, and even the paintings that take up almost the whole span of the wall.


The walls are made up Formica, a high-end material. This is to avoid “alon” and imperfections on the walls if it is painted. It gives more class and elegance if the walls and corners are sharp. This was also mentioned by Engr. Slater Young on his house tour.


The concept behind their house design is Asian industrial. These are traditional Asian elements coupled with modern industrial design.

A part of their concept is they always use water in their designs. Their reason is that water softens the environment.


All over the house, there are unfinished, raw, and steel materials, staying true to their concept.

To see more of their house tour, watch the video below:

You can also read more about them here. Or follow their Instagram.

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