Let’s Take a Look Inside Choox TV’s Dream House Designed by B-Art Designs

At one point in our lives, it’s safe to say that every one of us has dreamed of having a beautiful house to live in. This is one of the most common goals for people, especially those who didn’t come from a wealthy family.

One example of this is Edgar Dumali, who is commonly known as Choox Tv in the gaming world. He is famous for being a Mobile Legends streamer that took the streaming field by storm when he started and skyrocketed his followers to 1 million in less than 6 months. Imagine that?

Once his financial status rose, he made sure to have a house built for his family to live in. He chose the architect behind B-Art Designs. He is a Filipino architect but is now residing as an OFW in UAE.

Choox TV’s Dream House

For Choox’s dream house, B-Art made sure he used gray because it is the favorite color of Choox. Horizontal and vertical lines are made prominent in the design, especially in the exterior.

The house is bound by a firewall on one side, and a garden on the other side, by the carport.

Second Floor

You can see two balconies on the second floor. The one in front is a common balcony that can be accessed if you walk around the railings overseeing the living room downstairs from the atrium.

The second balcony at the rear is the balcony in the Master’s bedroom. The room on top of the carport is his gaming room.

There are two rooms on the second floor, one is the Master’s bedroom with a Master’s bath inside it.

Here’s a top view of the bathroom.

The other room on this floor is the kids’ room where bunk beds are designed along with desks and entertainment nook.

Ground Floor

B-Art Design made Choox’s dream house a simple yet elegant home. The ground floor layout is a typical living room-dining-room-kitchen layout.

The living room can be overseen from above where there are hanging lights on the ceiling to add sophistication.

The dining room seats 8 people, and a small breakfast nook is provided on the simple u-type kitchen.

Behind the kitchen, right outside the house and within the property wall is the dirty kitchen and laundry area.

Other rooms

If you turn right from the kitchen, you’ll see two rooms. One is the maid’s room, and the other is the guest room.

The house has three exits, the main entrance that takes you to the living room, the rear entrance by the dirty kitchen, and a side entrance by the guest and maid’s room.

Don’t you just love how simple yet efficient Choox’s house turned out to be? Thanks to B-Art Design it was executed beautifully and we’re pretty sure, the whole family is enjoying their new house.

Watch B-Art’s video here:

Just a parting reminder. As B-Art Designs always say, “SA ARKITEKTO SIGURADO.” He is calling out to all those who want to have their houses built. It is much safer and more practical to hire an architect for the process. Because they know the design and build process, unlike when you just let your foreman design your house, then you’re going to get a functional, but not an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

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