Security Guard Studying to Become an Architect Goes Viral

A security guard studying to become an architect recently went viral, with many netizens impressed at how he’s juggling his job with his studies and trying his best to make his plates despite the low light in his area. Donations have poured in from netizens to help support his studies.

From Security Guard to Architect

There are so many people who succeeded in life after being working students to finish their studies. But it’s still impressive to see stories of how these people are doing these things to fulfill their dreams.

Take for example Melquisidec P. Aurea, a security guard, who’s in his third year of BS Architecture in EVSU (Eastern Visayas State University) in Tacloban, Leyte.

security guard studying to become an architect
Photo credit: Cristina Sofia Frencillo

Cristina Sofia Frencillo, sister of the architect working on an establishment next to the one Aurea was guarding, shared his photos.

She explained that her brother was amazed at what the guard was doing and commended his passion for learning.

Despite of standing up from time to time, having a lamp that barely lights up his tracing paper and zooming in on his cellphone to see what he’s going to do, he manages to stay motivated,” she explained.

Some netizens were concerned that he will need a laptop because architecture students have to learn how to use modern tools like CAD and other software for creating designs. So, they offered to send help.

But Aurea said he already has a laptop after getting one on installment using his earnings as a security guard. Awwww.

Photo credit: Cristina Sofia Frencillo

Because many netizens wanted to help out but he doesn’t have a GCASH account, Frencillo volunteered to accept the donations for him and promised transparency in everything.

Any donations will go to Aurea’s books and materials he needs for his studies.

How to Become an Architect

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