How to Become an Architect in the Philippines

Are you wondering how to become an architect in the Philippines? Here’s a tutorial to help you know what you should do.

Tutorial: How to Become an Architect

This video tutorial by a registered and licensed architect on her vlog, Archinesis, teaches us the steps to becoming one.

Step 1. Take the entrance exam for BS Architecture course in universities or colleges that offer the course. You can take tests from several schools so you can have a choice later on.

Tip: There’s a drawing exam.

Step 2. Choose the right school to suit your needs and budget.

how to become an architect
Photo credit: Archinesis Vlogs

Step 3. Take the BS Architecture course in your chosen school. It’s for five years.

Subjects can include: design, math and engineering, history, theory, etc.

Step 4. After you graduate, you will have an apprenticeship.

Step 5. You can go to a training center or self-review.

Step 6. Take and pass the ALE (Architecture Licensure Exam). But you have to comply first with the requirements of the Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture and the PRC.

Step 7. If you didn’t pass on your first take, try and try again until you succeed.

Step 8. Once you passed the board exams, you will have an oath taking and you register with your desired UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) chapter.

Here’s the video:

What’s an Architect?

Many people are wondering how to become an architect in the Philippines, especially because many aren’t sure whether there’s a difference between an architect and an engineer.

According to the vlog, being an architect is covered by RA 9266 (Republic Act 9266), also known as The Architecture Act of 2004.

She defined the profession as follows, based on the law:

An architect is a person professionally and academically qualified, registered, and licensed under this act with a Certificate of Registration and a Professional Registration Card issued by the Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture and the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission), and who is responsible for advocating the fair and sustainable development, welfare, and cultural expression of society’s habitat in terms of space, forms, and historical context.

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