Can You Build A House For 100k Pesos?

Is it possible to build a house for 100k pesos? The answer is “yes!”

There are actually a lot of different house designs that you can build for that budget, but you shouldn’t be too picky. You can have a bigger floor space but with cheap materials or a smaller house using better materials.

You can even build a concrete or wood house for Php100k!

Take for example this house by DBS Virtual Design:

house plan 100k
Photo credit: DBS Virtual Design

Modern 1-Bedroom Design

The 1-bedroom design is perfect for a small family whose family members are willing to share one bedroom or are alright with sleeping in the living room at night.

It features a modern design that’s stylish inside and out, yet it can easily fit your budget. The foundation and footings are made of concrete, but the rest of the house is made of wood.

Marine plywood can be used for the walls but a cement board (such as Hardieflex) may be the better option for durability and style.

Make sure to put space for the windows. You can opt for jalousie windows that you can later upgrade.

Although the house has a small footprint, you can always extend it later if your budget allows.

Building A Budget-Friendly House

This budget-friendly house comes with an entry porch that’s accessed from a short flight of stairs. The wooden door directly opens to the compact living room.

There’s an optional partition between the bedroom and the living room, though you can always opt to use a cabinet or closet as a divider at this spot. Built-in cabinets would also be perfect for this house.

A dining room and kitchen are located towards the back of the house, with a folding door that opens to a laundry area or outdoor kitchen. The bathroom is between the kitchen and the bedroom.

The open plan for the living room and dining area ensures that you can extend both areas, depending on your needs. To maximize both areas, choose furniture pieces that can convert into other items (such as a sofa that can convert into a bed when needed).

This video provides a step-by-step guide of how this house is built:

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