Wooden House Design with Built-in Minimart

These days, it is a great idea to have a business that you can manage at home. There are many different kinds of businesses you can manage at home, including a minimart or sarisari store that you can have built into the structure.

2-Story House Design

For the perfect house that makes sure there’s space for various activities, this design features two stories. One part of the house is dedicated for the sarisari store, another for the porch, and there’s a separate balcony at the second floor, on top of the minimart.

Photo credit: Junliray creations

The structure looks fantastic, with wooden battens used on the exterior walls to make the house look better. There are also planters on some of the windows to upgrade the look of this house.

Elevated Platform, Concrete Posts

While the sarisari store portion of this house is set flush along the ground, the other portions of the first floor are set on an elevated platform that’s typical of these wooden homes. To make sure that the structure is sturdy, the house is supported by concrete posts. There’s also a cemented block at the base of the stairs.

Photo credit: Junliray creations

Wooden House Design

Though you can also build this house with hollow blocks and concrete, the design is originally created with wood. Even the floors and platforms are made of wood, creating a design that looks pleasing to the eyes. Stylish railings are used for the porch and balcony. The pergola design on the roof of the balcony adds curb appeal to this home.

Photo credit: Junliray creations

Modern Style for Wooden Home

Although made of wood, this isn’t a traditional house. It features a modern style with flat roofs, glass windows, and contemporary lights. This would be perfect with slabs of mahogany or even reinforced bamboo.

Photo credit: Junliray creations
Photo credit: Junliray creations

To upgrade the look of this house, you can also make use of modern furnishings and add stylish lights to your liking. As for the store portion, you can always extend the house to one side just in case you need more space to expand your business.

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