The Iron Man House: A Walkthrough And What You Need To Know

The MCU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opened our eyes and heart to different wonders that we all keep in our memories. One of the most prominent locations that are etched in our minds is the house of Tony Stark. Or what some people call the Iron Man House.

We know this well as the house appeared in several movies, including the Iron Man franchise as well as the Avengers. Tony’s house is on a cliff and is made up mostly of glass.

Hi-tech house

As high tech as Iron Man is, of course, his house won’t be too far behind. His mansion is a cliff-side billionaire-philanthropist house in Malibu. His home is equipped with artificial intelligence he named after his childhood butler Edwin Jarvis.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

J.A.R.V.I.S, or what he geniusly calls “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System,” was initially made for the whole house. But we all know where else it was used, right?

Is it a real house?

Since the house appeared in Iron Man 2008, there have been rumors that the house is real and is in fact a real and livable mansion by the cliff in Malibu. This said house is what they call “The Razor House” and is now owned by singer Alicia Keys and her husband, Swiss Beatz.

Razor House

However, contrary to the rumors, conceptual artist Phil Saunders confirms that the house of Alicia Keys is not the Iron Man House, and the place in the movies is the result of their digital creation.

He also said that they tried to scout mansions in the beginning. They planned to just use an existing one but said that “nothing we scouted looked like a billionaire’s home.”

Malibu Cliff Houses
Malibu cliff houses via Trip Advisor

“So I came up with this design and perched it in the most decadent location I could think of, right on top of Point Dume, a California State Park. Who else but a billionaire could get those building permits?“, Phil Saunders said.

Digital recreation

Speaking of digital recreation, artist Seungwoo Kim posted a recreation of the said house on his YouTube channel. In his recreation, he used Revit for the 3D model and Lumion for rendering. His video started, rightly so, on top of the ocean going inside the house.

Iron Man House

The house, just like in the movies is made up of glass and a heck of a spacious living area. In his creation though, he included a suit of armor, on of the Marks armor of Iron Man right in the middle of the living area. Beside it, he also included a bar. Both of which are strong indications of Tony Stark’s personality.

Real interior

According to the digital designer of the house in the movies. The living area and all the areas don’t include anything that may indicate who is living there. All the personality of Tony Stark can be seen and felt in his basement.

Living Room

In fact, in the movie, his on-screen love interest said that she was the one who designed the interior of the house. She wanted to make sure that Tony doesn’t stick a suit of armor in the living room.

Inside Tony Stark's House via Phil Saunders
Inside Tony Stark’s House via Phil Saunders

“Who do you think decorated in the first place? And now that I live here, I can make sure he doesn’t ruin the Feng Shui by sticking a suit of armor in the middle of the living room.” – Pepper Potts

Watch the digital representation of YK studio here:

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