This 6×6 Modern Amakan House Is Perfect For Both Rainy And Summer Seasons

House designs in the Philippines are getting better and better. Architects are getting more competitive and innovative in creating their designs. The era when pure aesthetics are what people care about is over and the ability of a house to adapt to its environment is getting popular.

Flood proof house

How would you like to have a modern bahay kubo raised by stilts to make sure flood and other natural problems won’t get to your home? ADM Home Designs came up with an elevated Amakan house design that is just 6m x 6m.

What it lacks on floor area, the designers made up with it by putting an upper floor that houses 1 bedroom with 3-bed spaces, a toilet and bath, a small kitchen, dining area, living area, and the balcony.

The livable spaces are on the upper area to make sure life won’t be affected even if there’s a flood or other calamity happening.

Lower floor and precautions

The lower area of this modern Amakan house is propped on stilts. The foundation of the house is spread out on elevated stilts.

A bike wall hanger, an informal lounge area, service, area, and an outdoor cooking allotment is placed on the lower floor.


The house is perfect for both the rainy and summer seasons of the Philippines since it will allow the owner to sleep soundly even if it’s raining because they know they will be safe.

In the summer months, the house has a passive cooling effect on all areas that are achieved by the design’s high ceiling and effective cross ventilation from all the windows surrounding the house.

About the designer

AMD Home Designs shows design inspirations on their channels that can serve as ideas for those looking to have their houses designed. They concentrate on small and medium house sizes.

As always, they remind people that what they show on their channels is just for inspiration and it is still better to hire an architect.

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