10×13 Amakan House Design with Modern Features

Looking for an amakan house design that looks great and has modern features? Look no further because this modern house design is something that you are sure to love.

Strong Concrete Foundation

What makes this house perfect for most families is that it provides a beautiful, nature-friendly, yet also sturdy house for you to live in. To ensure the safety of its inhabitants, the house is provided with a strong concrete foundation that’s elevated to ensure it is also a good option even for flood-prone areas.

Photo credit: V-Arch Design

Just like the traditional amakan house, the floor is elevated on a platform but there’s an empty space below where water can freely flow in the event of flood.

Modern Amakan House

Although this house has amakan walls, it is obviously a modern design. The amakan itself acts as accents instead of being the primary material to build this home. But the house retains the beauty of the traditional amakan design.

Photo credit: V-Arch Design

The house’s main structure is made of concrete interjected with amakan materials. Lots of glass and wood materials are also used in this home.

Native Vibe

The native vibe is retained in this modern amakan house, thanks to the furniture that are picked to match the theme. The interior walls also have wood tiles in herringbone arrangement.

Photo credit: V-Arch Design

Sliding glass doors and windows let natural light in as well as make the house appear to be at one with the lush tropical garden planted outside. There are also doors made of wood.

From the living room to the dining area, the furniture are picked with comfort and style in mind.

Beautiful Rooms, Modern Kitchens

This house features spacious rooms with the same herringbone wood tiles on the walls, sliding glass windows, and large ceramic tiles. Built-in cabinets would be perfect for this home.

Photo credit: V-Arch Design

There are two modern kitchens in this house, with a sliding window placed in between the two kitchens for easy access. With a total floor area of 125 sqm, this amakan house design costs around Php1 million to Php1.5 million, excluding furniture.

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