Let’s Look Inside Team ABH’s “Tiny House” in Cavite, Philippines

The “Tiny House” trend has been here for a couple of years now, especially in the United States. We have yet to see the emergence of it in the Philippines.

Despite this, one couple from Cavite decided to have their own tiny house built in the backyard of their family home.

ABH construction

Cheap and fast?

AB Magtulis and Hazel Garcia are freelancers who work from home since 2017. Because of this, they decided to have their house built so they can have their own space where they can stay and work.


They didn’t want to spend a lot of money and time on it so they opted for a tiny house of just 6 square meters. They also did not hire an architect or engineer, they designed the space themselves.

It took them three months and more or less P280,000 to have it built.

Cute and cozy

While the size might mean that the house is cramped and too compact, the interior and the necessities that they are able to add is very comfortable.

ABH Workstation

As freelancers, they would be working long hours in front of their computers. Naturally, that’s what makes up the first floor. Their desks were custom made by the construction workers who built the house. They got ideas from the internet and had it done.

ABH sala

A small sitting area is also placed by the door. This is the backdrop they used for their vlogs.

Second-level and roof deck

The second level, or more appropriately the loft, is accessible through a spiral staircase. They have everything they need; a bed, a mini ref, and a TV. It’s perfect for work breaks and their long-deserved sleep after work.

ABH loft

The roof deck, on the other hand, is accessible through a steel staircase outside. It’s complete for a perfect and relaxing time. They had bamboo railings installed, and a small sitting area where you can enjoy the great view.

ABH deck

If you want to see more of Team ABH, make sure to subscribe to their channel.

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