Architect Makes Hilarious Mistake in Wedding Vows

An architect made a hilarious mistake in his wedding vows – and his bride couldn’t help but joke that they’re already about to get married but her man is still thinking about work! LOL

Architect’s Funny Mistake in Wedding Vows Goes Viral

During your wedding day, you’d want to focus on making the most of the moment because, well, it’s an event that only happens once in a lifetime.

But one architect made everyone laugh after his hilarious, somewhat work-related mistake while making his wedding vows.

architect wedding vows
Photo credit: ARKITECT KASI!!

In a post that has gone viral on various social media platforms, newlywed Shiela Mae Llagas shared the video taken during her wedding with her architect husband, Cleyford Ryan Llagas.

I’ll Make You My House?

It started out as just another ordinary wedding in the COVID era.

Though the bride and groom didn’t have masks on, everyone else in the ceremony was wearing one, including the priest.

While exchanging the couple exchanged their vows, the priest could be heard faintly providing them the words they should say to each other.

Tinitipan kita, maging aking maybahay,” the priest said, off the microphone.

Ryan promptly followed, but with a slight variation to his vow.

Tinitipan kita, maging aking bahay,” the architect groom mistakenly said.

architect wedding vows
Photo credit: ARKITECT KASI!!

It drew laughs from everyone, including the priest and his bride. Because instead of saying “maybahay” (wife), he said “bahay” (house).

Take two, palibhasa arkitekt ka eh. Arkitekt ka, walang ibang naiisip kundi bahay,” the priest jokingly reprimanded him before letting him repeat his vows.

It was a good thing he said the correct word the second time around.

The video went viral with the caption, “Yung ikakasal na kayo pero yung isip ng asawa mo nasa trabaho pa yata.

Is an Architect Different from an Engineer?

There are many similarities and differences between an architect and an engineer.

Both are involved in the planning and designing of a house, but an engineer focuses more on the technical and structural side while the architect focuses more on the artistry and design side.

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