Modern Bathroom Makeover: Architect Shares Tips & Cost Estimates

Dreaming of a modern bathroom makeover? Architect Oliver Austria shares some tips for designing a modern bathroom and choosing the right materials.

Modern Bathroom Makeover Tips

1. Floor Tiles

The type and size of the tiles matter.

According to Austria, it’s best to stick to smaller sizes such as 20 x 20 cm or 30 x 30 cm, especially in small spaces.

Textured tiles are also preferred instead of the shiny tiles often used in the living room and other areas of the house that aren’t always exposed to water.

modern bathroom makeover
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

It might be a good idea to buy one or two pieces of the design you like to test at home, if you want.

He recommends doing this experiment:

Step 1. Pour water.

Step 2. Step on it.

This is important to check whether your floor tiles will become slippery when they become wet – and that’s something to be expected in any bathroom.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria
Photo credit: Oliver Austria


  • Around Php37 per piece
  • 40 pieces
  • P1,480 for the floor tiles (tiles only)

2. Wall Tiles

Bigger tiles are preferred, such as 30 x 60 cm.

The effect of bigger tiles in a small space is great because they can make this small space look bigger.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Landscape orientation to draw attention sideways since the ceiling is already high. Floor-to-ceiling tiles would be a good idea.

Tile grout sealer to coat the grout in between the tiles, effectively sealing them and making it harder for stains and molds to grow on.

Estimated price:

  • Around Php70 per piece
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

3. Cheap Vs. Regular or More Expensive Tiles

Although cheaper tiles can help you save money, they might not last as long as you want them to.

Based on his experience, some of these cheaper tiles are more prone to possible discoloration due to moisture.

You can run a test and buy a handful of tiles:

  • Put one group in a bucket of water and keep the other group dry.
  • Check whether there’s discoloration in the wet tiles.
  • If there isn’t a color difference, then these tiles are good to go.

4. Ceiling

The architect explained that they used 3.5 mm fiber-cement boards for their project.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Fiber-cement boards are resistant to moisture, termites, and heat or fire, making them much better than plywood and similar options.

So, they’re useful because bathroom ceilings are regularly exposed to moisture.

Estimated cost:

  • Around Php370 per piece (4 x 8 feet)

5. Toilet and Lavatory Fixtures

For this project, they used a combination worth Php15,000; although the price varies depending on the style and brand you want for your bathroom.

Cost Estimates

For a bathroom 1.3 meters wide x 2.3 meters long x 2.57 meters high, this can be the cost estimate:

  • Php65,896 for the materials, including the tools, rentals, scaffolds, water, and electricity
  • Php35,950 for the labor, including supervision cost plus service charges for the removal of existing materials
  • Total of around Php101,846

Watch the full video here:

Luxury Bathroom Makeover

Photo credit: Oliver Austria

But what if you want a luxury bathroom with marble tiles, huge mirrors on the walls, and modern fixtures, including seat warmers? The prices can vary, but the architect estimates it could cost you at least Php909,000 for the materials and labor.

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