Who Is This Pinoy Architect Llyan Oliver Austria That Is All over Our Newsfeed?

If you’re not living under a rock, chances are, you have already seen Pinoy Architect’s videos circulating social media. His videos are being shared rapidly on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other channels, not by him but by those who enjoy watching him. His YouTube thumbnails are quite distinct, with him on one side seemingly thinking or getting shocked, a house on the background, and the owner on the foreground.

Who is Pinoy Architect?

You’ve seen them, haven’t you? You know he is entertaining, but who is he? Behind Pinoy Architect’s fame is the architect himself, Llyan Oliver Austria. He graduated from St. Louis University in Baguio City. He catapulted his school’s spirit when he got a spot in the top 5 during the June 2016 Architecture Board Exams despite admittedly not having a smooth college life. Oliver took seven years to graduate a normally 5-year-course because of his irregular schedule brought by some failed subjects.

pinoy architect llyan austria

“I was not the best student,” he said in one of his videos in January 2020.

This just goes to show that aside from the entertainment and knowledge his channel brings, this guy has a lot of inspiration packed and ready to give away. In fact, even his YouTube channel was a late bloomer.

He used to upload videos, hacks, skits, parodies, gaming, house design, and whatnot on his first channel named Llyan Austria. He started his channel in 2012 but only got to uploading videos in 2017. He filled his channel with hacks, gaming, and architecture guide videos.

pinoy architect llyan austria

In 2019, he created a second channel he called Oliver Austria; he just uploaded four videos in a span of 9 months. Then he decided to do a reaction video on Buknoy Glamurr’s house, which elevated his views. After that video, he was able to upload 12 videos in 5 weeks. The next video, after that (Lloyd Cadena), is what skyrocketed his channel to one of the most-watched in the country. Remember the house with super steep stairs? I’m sure you saw that.

5 Best Reaction Video of Pinoy Architect Oliver Austria

Let’s take a look at the most-watched reaction videos of Pinoy Architect Llyan Oliver Austria.


This video already has a whopping 5.5 million views. Considering that all those views were garnered in a month is really something. A whole chunk of Pinoy Architect’s viewers got hooked when they first clicked the “thumbnail with Lloyd and the steep stairs.”

His video usually consists of him watching the owner of the house as they do a house tour. House tours are quite a thing in the industry now, and people love watching videos of celebrities showing their house designs. One thing I can say is that he listens intently and reacts to even the small jokes of the person he is watching.

When he notices something, he pauses the video and explains in layman terms where even non-architect peeps would understand. An example is when he saw Lloyd’s uneven tiles. He paused the video and proceeded to give the audience the reasons why tiles become uneven.

A moment later, while the tour is ongoing when Lloyd was on the now-famous steep stairs, he can’t stop himself from expressing his shock.

“Anak ng dingdong, ano yang stairs na yan?” He said before likening the stairs to a saw.

Are you curious about the stairs now? Watch the video below:


This video is part one of his reaction videos of YouTubers Jayzam and Camille or collectively known as Jamille Family. In their channel, they have a section they called “Bahay Serye,” where they document their journey while building their dream house.

In this video, Camille was bringing photos of what she wants her house to look like, which, according to Pinoy Architect, is better. Clients who know what they want are so much better than those who don’t. So he advised people who are having their houses made to be specific and tell their architects what they want.

Some of the takeaways in this video are his lessons about Contemporary Architecture, fiber cement board, panel boards, setbacks, and even indoor plants.

Pinoy Architect Reacts to Buknoy Glamurr House

This is the first reaction video of the series that went viral on Pinoy Architect’s second channel. According to him, he just went and saw that Buknoy uploaded a video showing his currently-being-constructed house.

What shone out in this video is his mature way of handling Buknoy’s mistake. In the video, Buknoy mistakenly called his architect “architecture,” which prompted Oliver Austria to pause and react. For him, it was offensive, but at the same time, he chose to be mature about it, and he even gave useful life advice for Filipinos and their mistakes.

Another thing that struck him the most about the video is the fact that Buknoy said his house would have three elevators. Oliver was so shocked and asked how rich Buknoy is to afford that. Buknoy went on and pointed at all the other houses in the vicinity and said he wanted to buy the neighbor’s house to make his lot bigger. He also walked around and pointed to houses on the other side of the street.

What makes the video special is the highlight that I will not spoil here. Watch the video below and see what I’m talking about.


Another one of Pinoy Architect’s best videos is his reaction to Ivana Alawi’s house in Bahrain. Their house is situated in a corner lot and was recently renovated. Its sheer elegance was enough to gain the approval of Oliver on more than one occasion.

From the lavish and chic two living rooms to the u-type kitchen, and also their bathrooms, you can hear him say “nice” several times. Ivan has also mentioned that they hired a Filipino Interior Designer to help them with their house, and it was definitely a good move.

Watch the extravagant mansion of Ivana Alawi and Pinoy Architect’s reaction here:


Team Kramer consists of basketball player Doug Kramer, former child celebrity Chesca Garcia, and their three kids. According to Oliver Austria, he received a lot of requests for him to react to Team Kramer’s famous black house.

Overall, he gave the house a 12 out of 10 rating. He liked the materials that they used for the house, which they said were personally sourced by Doug himself. Even the elevator Doug had made for his mom got a thumbs up from Pinoy Architect. He especially liked the main powder room of the house which had bronze tiles, silver floor, and rose gold elements. The powder room has a floating mirror which he illustrated and showed how he does it when he designs something like that.

The only thing that Oliver noticed is the strobe effect that their ceiling fans make because they are placed under lights. This was noted and agreed on by them, as they left a comment on the reaction video about it.

To see Team Kramer’s Los Angeles styled modern black house, watch the video below:

Why you should watch Pinoy Architect

There are a lot of reasons why you should be doing other things rather than lounging and being swallowed by the YouTube black hole. But, hey, there are also a lot of reasons why you should be binging Pinoy Architect Oliver Austria now.

1. He is funny as hell – A lot of people in the comment section said that they immediately subscribed to his channel after just watching one video from him. This goes to show that his humor and the entertainment he brings is able to capture (and keep) the people’s attention.

2. He is articulate – He talks well and does not need to go and do crazy antics just to get viewers.

3. He is generous – He gives out information and insider knowledge readily. In one video, you are sure to get at least three or more insights from him. He explains it in a way that even people with no architectural background can understand. He even has a whiteboard that he draws illustrations on so his audience can understand.

4. He is respectful – Even when he gets offended, or when he finds something funny, he makes sure to turn what he says into something informational. He doesn’t go around brandishing his anger; he respects people and the profession so well that people automatically get drawn into him. One comment even said that he makes everyone want to be an architect.

5. YOU are one in a million – almost every video of his gets more than one million views. So what does that make you? “One in a million!” Ok, enough of my sorry-corny jokes. Did I just get that from Pinoy Architect?

There you have it; I’m sure after reading this (or even while), you’re probably off to his channel and binge-watching all his videos. If you can’t get enough of him, make sure to check out his first channel, where he has more videos that are equally entertaining.

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