4 Practical Construction Tipid Tips From Architect Karlo Marko

Probably the most common problem when building a house is the budget. Ask anyone who has built a house or is planning to do so, and figuring out how to save money from the whole project is on top of everyone’s list.

Karlo Marko, an architect from the Philippines shared his TIPID Tips sa Construction on his YouTube channel. According to him, he had a lot of clients who backed out from building their houses because of budget restrictions. This is why he wanted to raise awareness and share his tips for those who need it.

Do it in one shot

According to Karlo, you can exponentially save if you do it in a one-time big-time way. One reason behind this is that you can secure the prices of your materials instead of buying them even when they increase their prices every year. Another reason why you can save up is that you will only pay one mobilization fee if you do it in one phase. This is the fee you pay to contractors when they start a project.

Get a professional

In construction the saying “Time is gold” is literal. This is because the longer you take to finish your house, the more expensive it will be. So Karlo suggests trying to finish your house in the shortest amount possible. With this, he emphasized the importance of hiring professionals like architects and engineers to aid you not only with your budget but also in your projected timeline for your dream home.

Professionals are accustomed to the ins and outs of construction so you won’t have to meddle with it. Of course, hiring them will also help you save more money in the long run.

Make it simple

One way to save up on the construction costs of your dream house is to make it as simple as you can possibly make it. Karlo states that because minimalist houses are now popular, there should be no problem in having a simple house for yourself. It’s elegant and not that expensive, what more can you ask for? Minimalist designs mean that labor will be cheaper since there is a high chance that the project will be completed at an earlier time.


Here are some styles that Karlo recommends for that minimalist look that will surely save you money.

  • Japanese Zen Design
  • Scandinavian Interior Designs

Purchase your own materials

While this tip may seem that you are adding hassle to your responsibilities that is ideally easy to just turn over and let a professional do, Karlo insists that buying your own materials can ultimately help you save more. This tip is useful if you have a lot of time on your hands to source out and choose your materials meticulously. This will allow you to compare and get the best prices for every material that you will use. However, if you don’t have time, it’s better to let a contractor do this for you.

Additionally, you can also ask the architect or the interior designer to specify the materials that you will need.

His tips are executed in two videos, watch part 1 here:

Here is part 2:

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