This Simple Nipa Hut with a Unique Modern Interior Goes Viral and People Are Loving It

We all know the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”. That saying goes beyond a simple book. It applies to people and even houses as well.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

Just like this house in our article today. This seemingly simple nipa hut in Pozorrubio was shared by Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas, and it immediately went viral.

It’s what’s on the inside

The said nipa hut has a simple exterior that looks like a typical nipa hut or bahay kubo complete with an open lounge that is quite common with nipa huts.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The main entrance on the longer side of the house takes you to the terrace, which then has an access to the main room which has all the surprises in this house.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

Modern on the inside

The interior room of the nipa hut looks like a modern room complete with LED strips and concrete walls. The small room has a U-shaped platform where the bed sits, and a bamboo loft that is accessible with a bamboo ladder.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The family spent P70,000 for the renovation of this awesome nipa hut. The room walls, which look like concrete walls are actually gray-painted plywood. Smart, right?

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The room is complete with a comfy queen-sized bed and even a bamboo loft perfect for their child.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

Modern features

The room itself is small, but the color that they chose made it look a bit wider than it actually is. The farthest wall from the entrance door is designed with a simple gray and black abstract design, that gives the “spice” to the room.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The inside of their door is also painted the same ways as this wall.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The bed, which is perpendicular to the wall is propped on an U-shaped plywood platform that continues on the side of the room as a bench. The design is quite simple and smart that the whole room is pleasing to the eyes.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

The lining of the ceiling is then ornated with LED strips that give the whole modern ambiance to the otherwise cramped room. The colors of the lights can be changed depending on their mood at the moment.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

Here’s another view of the room with dim lights and only the LED strips for accent. This is really a unique little room.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

Impossible to possible

According to Bresa’s post, she is an online seller and they were able to save up for their dream house. Before this nipa hut was made, they were just couch surfing and sleeping on other people’s houses.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas | Facebook

This is really a big leap from where they were back then. Together with her post, she called out to everyone who has dreams to just continue and persevere. With proper discipline and effort, truly, nothing is impossible.

She also added the accounts where people can ask for their kubo needs. The house cost them P70,000 with all the wires, sliding windows, and airconditioner installment included. The house is delivered to the owner and propped on top of concrete cylindrical platforms. If you have a lot that you want to put a nipa hut on, this might be a good idea.

Read her whole post here:

"SIMPLE HOUSE BUT ELEGANT INSIDE" 💪🏻from IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE!❤️Nakakaproud lang na yung luho at gusto mong mabili,…

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitasさんの投稿 2020年10月5日月曜日

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