This Romblon Architect Is Making Waves On Social Media For His Fresh Designs And Tips

An architect recently went viral on social media after he posted two of his current projects. The netizens were left in awe at the beauty and simplicity that Architect Ian G. Familara’s designs have.

Minimalist white and dark gray

He started the post by quoting his client, “Architect, gusto namin ay minimalist, white lang at may gray.” With that in mind, he went on and designed a minimalistic white and gray house for them.

Ian G. Familara, Facebook

At first, he shared, the client wanted to add an additional floor to their existing 2-storey house. The architect consulted a Civil Engineer to determine if it is indeed safe to add another floor. Unfortunately, the foundation of the house is not built for three floors that’s why they continued with a 2-floor plan.

Ian G. Familara, Facebook

Here, Architect Familara gave importance and respect to professions as well as showing genuine care to his clients and their safety. The finished product is impressive and has a 60 sq.m ground floor area and a 70 sq.m second floor.

Timely and practical tips

A quick look at his newsfeed will make you love this guy more. He regularly posts his ongoing projects but with every post, there is always a tip that he shares for his audience. An example is his post about sacrificing space just so you will have natural light inside the house.

“If you need to sacrifice a space just to provide Natural Lighting, just do it! You’ll never regret it.

Coz Natural Lighting is 👌👌👌

Imagine how much can you save from your electricity bill if you maximize your Natural Light and lessen the use of Artificial Lighting?

For your plans and designs, consult an Architect.“

Architect Familara also recently just put up his Facebook Page where he will showcase more of his amazing work and designs. Follow his page here and this young man some support.

As always, Architect Ian is advising people to hire an architect. Not only does an architect give you unparalleled aesthetics, but they can also make sure your space molds around your life and it will be livable for you and your family for the years to come.

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