This Japanese-Inspired Minimalist Bedroom Only Took 30 Days To Complete

A lot of people can admittedly say that they feel like they are living in a dungeon inside their room. This is the exact term that Sonder Evennys of Eastcoast Woodworks used to describe his former room before he decided to renovate it.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

Sonder is an engineer from the Philippines who does room renovation, woodwork, and arts. The renovation of his room went viral when he posted it on Facebook, gaining over 35,000 shares.

The Process

For his process, he explained that he started with the ceiling. He used fiberboards or what is more commonly known here in the Philippines as Hardiflex.

He then proceeded to install his flooring. He even showed a photo of his adorable dog, relaxing on the newly installed tiles.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

For the wall color, he opted for a light blue for that relaxing and cool vibes. It also accentuates the focal point of his room which we will talk about later.


He used vinyl tiles for the wall with wood accents. This wall is where the bed will put against.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

Another very cool feature of his room is the hanging bookshelves. He used Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not books to make up the shelf and make it look like it is floating.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

Another unique item in his room is the floating table. It is a design that is often called the anti-gravity tension table that is quite popular on YouTube. He made a version for himself and posted the process on his channel.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

One more accent that we should talk about is his Japanese-inspired coffee table. He made it with Mahogany wood scraps and plyboard.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

Last is his Japanese-inspired minimalist bed. The low wood-sided bed adds to the minimalist effect of the whole bedroom.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

Main accent

Perhaps the most notable part of his room is the mural on one side of the wall. The mural depicts The Great Wave off Kanagawa which is a very famous woodblock art by Katsushika Hokusai. Since its creation almost 200 years ago, it has been an emblem for tsunamis, hurricanes, and plane crashes into the sea.

It has been reprinted and sold for thousands of ways. And Sonder decided that he wanted this mural to be his first view, every morning when he wakes up.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

According to him, he originally planned to paint something else on the said wall but it didn’t work out that’s why he decided to paint “The Great Wave” instead.

Going viral

A quick look at his profile will show how grateful he is for media outlets that are showcasing his work. He also added that the whole renovation took them 30-days to complete.

Japanese-Inspired-renovation-whole room
Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

He is a fresh graduate of civil engineering in Ilocos Norte. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he wasn’t able to take the board exam so he decided to renovate his room.

Sonder Evennys Layugan Agustin

He has a small wood-workshop that he said his family gave him. It is complete with the tools and equipment he needs to continue their furniture business.

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