This 8ft. x 10 ft. Cotton Candy Pink Room Is Every Little Girl’s Dream Bedroom

Do you have a small room but would like to maximize it? Don’t fret because there are a lot of ideas for small room renovations on the internet today, just like our feature story today. A mom posted a series of photos and videos of her daughters’ room transformation.

Space maximizers

The room itself is just 8 feet by 10 feet. If you think about that area, it’s like you won’t be able to fit anything in it. In fact, before the transformation, there was only a bed and almost nothing else in the room. The laptops and printers are propped by the headboard and the bed is shared by the sisters.


JM Batucan Lawas knows that an architect can help her transform the room and maximize its use. She asked for help from Roel Perales III, an architecture graduate from Cebu. The first and most important thing he designed is the elevated beds. The two beds are elevated and are propped perpendicularly like a loft.

Below the bed

The space that was freed below the first bed is used as a desk and workstation for the kids. The bed above it is accessible by a flat ladder to make way for the space under the other bed which is where the cabinet is.


The other bed is accessible with stairs that are made up of boxes turned into small cabinets. This added some usage to an otherwise dead space.

Color and vibe

Just one look at the final design of the room will make any pink lover swoon. The room is painted with a luscious candy pink shade that is perfect for the two girls. White accents are used to ensure the balance of colors.


Pin lights are installed below each bed to ensure sufficient lighting throughout the room. The lining of the bed above the desk is also installed with LED strips to make it “glow” more.

Shares and reactions

JM captioned the post by saying that if people want to have their small room renovated and their space maximized, they can contact Roel, or her cousin Genevie Ann Muñoz. They can customize and design your room to fit your needs.

The post itself was made up of photos of the finished design as well as videos of the process. It was posted last October 19, and already has more than 8k reactions and over 40k shares. People are tagging their spouses and family in the comments asking them if they would like the same design for their homes. The others are sharing the post and tagging their loved ones or saving it on their timelines so they can go back to it when they are ready to renovate.

From the simple room to a cute room that the girls surely love. Make sure to scroll through all the photos, there are two videos included at the end.  One is the process video and one is the finished look of the room. The contacts of the architecture graduate and her cousin are here if you want your room designed are also included in the post. See it below.

How about you? What are the best small room maximizations you have seen?

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