P300k Hardiflex House Design With Sari-Sari Store Provision

It is common for Filipinos to be wise when it comes to their investments. Having a house is important, but having an investment that can bring in money is also a good priority. This is what Airah Rose thought when she had her half concrete-half Hardiflex house design with sari-sari store provision made.

Investment worth keeping

The house in this video is said to have cost P300,000 including all labor and materials. The house is 6 x 15 meters. It has two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, toilet, and of course, the sari-sari-store provision.

Some other features of the house that the 300k budget includes are double walling, tiles, and ceiling.

Reaching her dream

Airah Rose shared her inspiring story on the Lovely House Design group to inspire those who are looking to have their houses done. In her post, she shared that she promised herself that by the time she is 25, she should already have her own house.


She was admittedly surprised that the whole house only took one month to construct. She also said that she only had P50k in cash when she started the construction and just took the money from her profit and salary as the house progressed. She has a full-time job and is an online seller on the side.

Wisdom in investing

She said that she doesn’t use her income too much and just makes sure to save it so that it can be used for another investment. She also gave tips to those who want to start their houses. The first one is to trust the process and to just start even if your budget is still not enough. She promised that all the sacrifices will be worth it.

At this point, we would like to add that it is still best to hire the right professionals for your project.

Her house is a good inspiration for those looking for a Hardiflex house design for their investments.

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