It’s Possible To Build A Container House For P200k

A house design trend that is getting more and more popular in the Philippines today is the container trend. For the past couple of years, it became popular in the coop dining area scene. These containers or shipping containers are used to transfer goods from country to country. But because of the stability and the ease of us it brings, it is now being used for offices and houses as well.

Tiny houses

With the rise of tiny houses in other countries as well as the Philippines. The option to just use shipping containers is being prevalent too. It is tempting to skip the construction phase and just buy a container and use it right away. The most common container sizes are the 20ft, which has 150 sq. Ft area or the 40 ft. With 305 sq. Ft area.


Depending on your preference, you can use one or more containers for your homes. Used containers can be bought for P60,000 to P80,000. While the new ones can range from P135,000 to P140,000. For a complete container as a living space, P200,000 is possible.

Advantages of living in a container van

Container vans are flexible. They can be turned into almost any design of the house that you want. What is better is that it is modular and the design you can come up with is endless. You can opt to use it for your home, or your business. Depending on how you will use it, it can adapt to your needs.

It is durable and strong. Without needing to prepare a foundation and strength elements, you can just use the containers as they are. As it is, it can withstand a fair amount of weight because in the first place, these are made to carry heavy load and to be put on top of each other when traveling on a ship.

Do you want a container house?

If you want to have a container house, it is usually available in shipyards. You can buy them and just place them on your lot.

However, to maximize the use and to make sure you get the most of it, it is advisable to still hire an architect to help you design your house.

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