How Much is the Architect Cost for Drawing Plans in the Philippines?

Did you know that though you’ll likely pay your architect as much as 10% to 15% of your total construction cost, hiring one can help you save money (even if you pay an architect’s fee)? So, it’s really wise to hire one.

But how much is the actual architect cost for drawing plans in the Philippines and why is it important to hire one?

Architect Cost for Drawing a House Plan

According to the guidelines released by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) through the Official Gazette, the recommended fee for an architect to draw a house plan are the following:

  • 10% of the total projected cost of construction if you need Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design Services (DAEOS)
  • 6% of the total projected cost of construction if you just need Detailed Architectural Design Services (DADS)

Breakdown of Architect Costs

The fee isn’t really fixed. It can be bigger or smaller, depending on the architect, how big the house will be, and what type of materials will be used. Also, the UAP declares that the amount can also vary depending on the complexity of the design and what the architect needs to do.

Although the finally architect’s fee could still be around 10% of the house cost.

Of course, customers can also request a discount from the architect.

There are three items that comprise the Total Direct Cost Outlay for the house:

  • Design Fee
  • Printing Cost
  • Signing and Sealing

Cost of Design Fees

The design fee is comprised of the architect’s fee and the construction documents fee which includes the complete sets of architectural, plumbing and sanitary, electrical, and structural documents.

Usually, the architect’s fee can be at a certain rate per square meter for simple house plans. This figure is certainly higher for more complex plans.

Note that there’s also a separate fee for rendering (an architect’s group shared that this figure is usually around Php2,500, but this was in 2020). Expect to pay higher than this figure (for rendering alone) if you’re asking an architect to make your house plan now.

Architect Cost for Drawing a House Plan

We can’t specify the exact amount that you’re supposed to pay now for the total architect’s fees because it can depend on the many factors listed above. However, you can expect that this will be higher than the estimated architect’s fee (in 2020) of Php32,500 for a 2-story 200 sqm house (at Php150 per sqm plus rendering fees). Again, this was an estimate for year 2020.

Expect to pay for the following construction documents (payment is usually per sheet):

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Plumbing/Sanitary
  • Electrical
  • Computation of Loads & Analysis

In 2020, we estimated design fees to be Php57,700. Expect to pay higher than this amount now.

Printing Costs

This will depend on a number of factors, but it’s likely to be higher than the prevailing rate in 2020 of around Php6,020 (for the house example above).

Cost of Signing and Sealing

The signing and sealing of the plans involve other building professionals. Again, these amounts can vary depending on several factors, but will likely be calculated per square meter.

In having the plans signed and sealed, the architect receives the highest fees. Here’s the hierarchy based on fees:

  • Architect
  • Civil/ Structural Engineer
  • Master Plumber
  • P. Electrical Engineer

The signing and sealing for the plan of the sample house above costs Php36,000 (in 2020). Expect for this price to be much higher now.

Architect Cost for Drawing a House Plan

Then, you must add an extra 10% of the direct cost for overhead expenses and utilities your architect needs to prepare and complete your plans.

The computation provided by an architect (in 2020) for the sample 2-story 200-sqm house above amounted to a total of Php 110,000. This already includes the DIRECT COST (Design Fee + Printing Cost + Signing & Sealing) + 10% Overhead Expenses.

Remember, the UAP’s recommended professional fee is 10% to 15% of the total construction cost. Make sure you include this amount in your budget for building your house.

Importance of Hiring an Architect

It’s easy to find a lot of house plans on the internet these days. Plus, the architect cost can be quite big! So, you might think that it’s unnecessary to hire an architect. But that’s not always true.

Here are some important reasons why you should hire an architect:

  • Architects can plan your house design based on your actual needs.
  • Architects can create the right budgeting and material selection for your home.
  • Architects can help avoid design errors in your home.
  • Architects can help you build energy-efficient homes.
  • Architects can help coordinate with different services and legally process your house’s papers.
  • Architects can help you build a beautiful yet also sturdy house.
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