House Tour of Small but Lovely House with Mezzanine

Interested in building a house but you only have a very limited space? Don’t worry because you can still have a lovely house even with a small space. That’s exactly what vlogger Mommy Carm and her husband were able to achieve at their own home.

Small but Lovely House

A lot of us dream of building a big house for the family, yet a small home is also great especially if you don’t have a big lot to use. This especially holds true to many people living in big cities where prime property costs a lot of money.

Photo credit: Mommy Carm / YouTube

Mommy Carm posted a vlog of her house tour to show that even a small space can look beautiful. It can actually look spacious, too. Just make sure that you don’t hoard on stuff and that you pick the right furniture to furnish your home.

Small but Functional Furniture

In this house tour, it is easy to see that space is a big challenge for this tiny home. But the couple was able to have a nice house, thanks to small yet functional furniture they picked. The ottoman is not just something to sit on but also doubles as storage box for their extra shoes and emergency bag.

Photo credit: Mommy Carm / YouTube

The 2-seater sofa is small but if there are many visitors, they simply put a mat on the floor. This house features a color scheme that makes use mostly of grey, white, and black.

Compact Floor Plan

Although small, a house could still look spacious if you carefully lay out the floor plan. In this house, the living room occupies the space right by the main door while the dining area is set towards the back.

To save on space, the kitchen area is built under the stairs. Make sure to put proper covers/boards underneath the stairs to keep this area clean.

Photo credit: Mommy Carm / YouTube

There’s a tiny toilet/bathroom beside the kitchen plus a laundry area at the back. The mezzanine is used as an art studio and also doubles as extra bedroom.

Check out the full house tour in this vlog:

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