Cost of Solar Panel System Installation in Negros Oriental (Philippines)

What’s the cost of solar panel system installation and is it worth your money? Our writer installed a 3.680kW hybrid solar power system at their home in Negros Oriental, Philippines in May 2023 – and it cost them a total of Php330,000, including batteries.

Why did it cost this much and what effect did the solar power system have at their home’s energy usage? Keep reading to learn more about this below.

Cost of Solar Panel System with Battery (2023)

As a tropical country, the Philippines receives a lot of sun nearly all-year round. Even during rainy season, there are still lots of hot days in the country with the sun shining high up in the sky.

That’s why solar power is ideal in the country. However, the high costs of solar panel installation deter many people from getting this system.

Cost of Solar Panel
Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions

But with the rising costs of electricity and power issues such as rotating blackouts, especially during summer season (due to high electricity demand), getting a solar power system can be ideal.

Rachitect writer Joy Adalia paid Php330,000 in May 2023 for a 3.680kW hybrid*/on-grid** solar package.

*In a hybrid system, power is stored in the battery and used during nighttime or even during the day (if the power needs are more than the current production). However, based on the writer’s experience, the solar panels can provide enough electricity to power the appliances they need during day-time brownouts.

**Grid means power received from the electricity company; an on-grid system means that it still uses power from the electricity company while an off-grid system is for a solar-only system, with no power provided by the electricity company

Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions

Take note that the costs can vary depending on many factors, including the kind of system you choose (on-grid only, off-grid, or hybrid), your chosen provider or contractor, and the power output you need.

Learn more about these factors in our article on solar panels in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions
Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • Hybrid inverter (3.6 kW) – Php52,800
  • Solar panels (460W x 8 pcs) – Php86,400 (each panel costs Php10,800)
  • Lithium battery (100 AH, 5kWH) – Php80,000
  • Rapid shutdown device – Php16,000
  • Other materials, including mounting materials and DC/AC protection – Php45,000
  • Installation costs (labor) – Php56,000
  • Transport (shipping and handling) – Php3,000

Is the Solar Panel Cost Worth It?

So far, our writer is very satisfied with their solar power system. The system is capable of meeting most of their electricity needs during the day (majority solar source from 8AM to 3PM, with grid during peak use), and the battery can supply their power needs from 10PM to 6AM.

Sample production at 10 AM (battery charging, 2.93kW load consumption, and 0 grid or no power received from the electricity provider):

Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions
Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions

Sample production at 9PM (0 solar production):

Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions
Photo credit: Joy Adalia / Ensolar Solutions

Indeed, the writer concludes that the high cost of solar panel installation is worth their money.

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