Can You Believe This Tiny Amakan House Has 4 Bedrooms?

When you think about life in the province, it’s impossible not to think about bahay kubo or Amakan houses. More and more architects are designing their versions of the traditional bahay kubo and making it a masterpiece that can adapt to the modern world.

For a bigger family

When you say bahay kubo, what comes into mind is a small one-level house that is usually perfect for a small family. But what architect Arkipeace delivered in its new and innovative modern Amakan house is the ability to house a bigger family.


This multi-level bahay kubo is a cross between a traditional house with a sense of Filipino soul. With it’s 66 sqm. area, 6x7m, it has 4 bedrooms 2 toilet and baths, living, dining, and living areas.


The design focuses on the Filipino people’s ability to be versatile and adapt to its environment. The house itself is a split level house. The first level houses the living and the dining room. A few steps down will take you to the kitchen and the bedroom on the other side.


By the side of the bedroom entrance is the stair to go to the upper level. The upper level houses the three bedrooms. It is evenly distributed to make sure all the bedrooms have adequate ventilation.


The balcony can be accessed from the living area. The door to the balcony can be opened completely in an acordion-style. Making sure that more air can pass through the house, making the cross-ventilation featured of the house handy.

The roof of the house is a two-sloped steep roof to make way for the split level feature of the whole house.

The Architect

Peace Alcon is the owner of ArkiPeace channel on YouTube. He is an architect from Iloilo, Philippines. This particular house design was designed to be an inspiration and to share ideas with those who want to have their house built.

This house was designed using AutoCAD2018, 3D modeled on Sketchup, and rendered using Lumion.

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