Architect Shares Tips in Building a House a Little at a Time Over Several Years

Is it a good idea to build a house gradually? Vlogger Architect Ed building your house one room at a time can work if you know the important basic tips to keep in mind.

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Screengrab: Architect Ed via YouTube

Everybody wants to see the completion of their dream house. Unfortunately, there are times when we run out of our budget to finish it.

Architect Ed shares some tips to consider when you have to have to slow down the progress of your house to a little at a time.

Seek professional advice

Hire an architect to make you a design. Creating a blueprint is the key to ensuring that your house follows the design you want

The blueprint will also help you get additional fundings. A housing plan is a requirement to apply for loans. When you apply for a building permit, a plan is also required.

Secure a building permit

A building permit is a basic requirement when building a house. When you’re planning to build your house gradually over the years, it’s important to know that a building permit expires. There are two scenarios for a building permit to expire.

  • If the building has not commenced construction within a year after the permit was issued.
  •  Work construction was abandoned for 120 days

To keep your permit from expiring, make continuous progress even if they are only small.

Study the bill of materials

According to Architect Ed, one of the disadvantages of building your house gradually is the price of materials may get expensive over time. The bill of materials should be discussed by you and your architect to fit your budget and funds.

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Project phasing

With your budget in mind and the estimate given by your architect, you can already project your house construction’s phasing. Set realistic goals on your progress and the funding you have.

Find fundings

Consider availing personal loans, house construction loans, or home improvement loans. If you applied for a PAG-IBIG housing loan, they will only release the funding if your house has reached 30 percent completion.

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Part of budget management is borrowing as a form of investment so you can loan for more.

Building your own house is such a rewarding achievement. It make take years to finish, but at least you can a place you can call your own.

You can watch Architect Ed via YouTube channel:

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