Architect Shares Checklist for Homeowners to Do Before Moving into New Home

An architect shares checklist for homeowners to do before moving into their new home – and many netizens are grateful over this new piece of information. Which ones did you think were useful for you?

Architect Shares Checklist for Homeowners

Moving into a new home can be so exciting, but did you know that there are certain things that you should check before you do that?

By checking these things before you move in, you can make your contractor do a better job and correct mistakes they made in your home. Remember that it can be a hassle to get these things fixed later – and you might even have to shell out for repairs out of your own pocket.

Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Plus, it can be more difficult to make the necessary corrections when there are already plenty of things and people in the house.

Pinoy Architect Llyan Oliver Austria shared a video showing the checklist of things that you should check in the house as a new owner before moving in.


You can let your contractor or someone else do it for you, of course, but make sure that they check every single tile for proper adhesion to the floor.

Improperly installed tiles can break, causing possible injuries or unsightly damage to your home.

Bathroom Slope for the Drainage

The bathroom tiles should have a proper slope that ensures all the water goes to the drain, not get stuck in other parts of the room.

Hairline Cracks

These are small cracks on the walls that can be covered with paint.

architect shares checklist
Photo credit: Oliver Austria

Paint Bubbles

These are paint imperfections that should be changed before you move in.

Switches and Sockets

These are obviously very important to ensure that every single thing works in your home.

Water Lines

Like the electrical lines, all the water lines should also be in order. It’s also a good idea to check water pressure.

architect shares checklist
Photo credit: Oliver Austria


Some leaks are hidden or aren’t obvious. The best way to check is to look at your water meter.

Here’s the useful video:

Other Things to Check

  • Fire safety
  • Security
  • No cracks on the walls and ceilings
  • Windows and doors close properly
  • Locks and keys work great
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